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Webinar #1 – How to Create a Single Source of Truth for Benefit Plans and Automate SBCs, ANOC and EOCs


Monday, 25 September 2017 | 1 – 2pm ET

Health plans and TPAs are facing increasing challenges in terms of the ever-changing market, new opportunities, new regulations, evolving sales channels & expansion of ancillary products to drive new revenue. As health plans and TPAs attempt to find new revenue and respond to governmental and competitive pressures, the ability to bring a creative product/benefit plan to market fast and effectively will be a competitive advantage. ACA’s significant changes have caused a paradigm shift in processes, thus posing benefit product configuration and benefit plan documentation and compliance challenges.

In this webinar, Simplify Healthcare will present these challenges facing health plans and TPAs, and discuss the best methods for not only overcoming these challenges but thriving in this competitive and regulatory burden market. We will present and demo the capabilities, benefits, and value of our eBenefitSync platform that will allow health plans and TPAs to reduce costs and drive revenue growth.

During this Webinar, you will have the ability to learn

  • Challenges your fellow health plans and TPAs are facing in regards to benefit plan management such as benefit plan configuration, product configuration, document generation and compliance and leveraging benefits data for claims payments and customer service
  • Establish a single source of truth for all product and benefit information
  • Improve product documentation delivery by providing unified, authoritative information to downstream operations, assembling system-generated output via integration and workflow automation
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering consistent information that will help produce a professional contract and marketing collateral
  • Improve speed to market, quality and regulatory compliance by shifting away from manual, redundant and error-prone processes to business rules-driven processes
  • Leverage product analytics to make smarter, more comprehensive decisions
  • Provide realistic impact analysis and recommendations of the product choices to consumers during sales acquisition

Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect


Mark Manning

Chief Growth Officer