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Webinar #4 – How to automate the CMS PBP Bid Process with the Industry’s first turnkey MA product/plan configuration solution


Thursday, 8 March 2018 | 11am – 12pm ET

eMedicareSync enables Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans to import their PBP data; make changes; export to CMS PBP; and using the same PBP data, auto-generate ANOC/EOC and SB compliance documents; and export to CMS PBP with a touch of a button.

By automating their PBP Bid processes, our clients save a significant amount of time and gain confidence in meeting their submission and mailing deadlines. As the first solution of its kind, eMedicareSync results in 75 percent faster processing speeds, increased accuracy, and improved compliance.

In this webinar, the Simplify Healthcare team will discuss:

  • How Medicare Plans leverage eMedicareSync as a source of truth for plan and benefit information

  • How to configure Medicare products and generate the PBP data and compliance documents (ANOC, EOC and SB)

  • How one client reduced effort by 75% and produced 100% accurate compliance documents on time

  • How eMedicareSync can reduce benefit and compliance errors, benefit inquiry call time and administrative costs

  • How our proprietary “Simplement” implementation methodology enables PBP automation within 2 weeks and document generation within 6 weeks

Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect


Mark Manning

Chief Growth Officer