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Webinar #7 – How Medicare Plans can auto-generate 508 compliant and print ready ANOC/EOC, SB from CMS PBP Bid Submissions


When it comes to Medicare/Medicare Advantage Products, we understand the complexities you handle to deal with Medicare Product Configuration, Compliance and Documentation. Whatever you are struggling with; Medicare/Medicare Advantage Product Configuration, CMS PBP integration, Compliance or Documentation; eMedicareSync is here to help you.

With our latest technology platform, Health Plans can auto-generate 508 compliant and print ready ANOC-EOC and SB from CMS PBP Bid Submissions.

Tune into our webinar and discover:

  • How Health Plans have saved 70% time and auto-generated fully compliant ANOC/EOCs and SBs in just a click

  • How to maintain a full audit trail and change management support

  • 2019 model documents analysis and updates handled by our team

Date: Friday, 11 May 2018

Time: 1 – 2pm ET

Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect


Mark Manning

Chief Growth Officer


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