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Webinar – Automate CMS PBP bid submission and ANOC/EOC generation


Thursday, February 21
1 – 2pm ET

What is the webinar about?
Join our upcoming webinar for eMedicareSync™ and discover how Medicare Plans can:

  • Leverage eMedicareSync™ as a source of truth for plan and benefit information

  • Import PBP data, make changes, and export to CMS PBP

  • Auto-generate ANOC/EOC and SB documents and export to CMS PBP in just a click

  • Reduce benefit and compliance errors, benefit inquiry call time, and administrative costs

    Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect

Harry Jordan

Harry Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Why you should attend?
If your Medicare configuration process is inefficient and error-prone, let us show you how we can help you automate end-to-end Medicare product lifecycle with up to 75% faster processing speeds.

What is eMedicareSync™?
eMedicareSync™ is industry’s first turn key Medicare Advantage product/plan configuration (CMS PBP) and document generation solution (ANOC/EOC and SB) that improves accuracy, timeliness, and cuts effort/cost by up to 75%. 

Who should attend?
Sales, Marketing, Medicare Product, Marketing Communications and Medicare Advantage teams.

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