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Webinar – Automate the benefit plan proposal process, improve speed-to-market and beat your competition


Thursday, March 28, 2019
1 – 2pm ET

What is the webinar about?
Join our webinar and discover how Sales teams at Health Plans can:

  • Configure benefit products on a tablet and generate real-time proposals, quotes, and SBCs

  • Provide automated hand-off to configuration teams

  • Analyze the benefit data and generate feeds for complex claims processing systems

Why you should attend?
If your sales and operational processes take multiple days to get back to your customers with SBC, Proposals, and SOBs, let us show you how our customers are able to generate them in real-time with up to 70% less effort and same day turnaround times.

If you are responsible for developing products for individual and small group and have to populate the QHP plan and benefit template manually, let us show you how we can help you automate the generation of QHP plan and benefit template.

What is eBenefitSync™?
eBenefitSync™, our market-leading solution for benefit plan management enables, Health Plans to automate the end-to-end benefit product lifecycle and dynamically generates plan documents. It improves speed-to-market, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of a benefit plan design.

Who should attend?
Sales, Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Operations, Business Development teams.


Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect


Mark Manning

Chief Growth Officer


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