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Automate end-to-end Medicare Advantage Product lifecycle


Thursday, December 5
1 – 2pm ET

What is the webinar about?

Join our upcoming webinar for eMedicareSync™ and discover how Medicare Plans can:

  • Leverage eMedicareSync™ as a source of truth for plan and benefit information

  • Import PBP data, make changes, and export to CMS PBP

  • Auto-generate ANOC/EOC and SB documents and export to CMS PBP in just a click

  • Reduce benefit and compliance errors, benefit inquiry call time and administrative costs

Why you should attend?
If you are looking for a way to eliminate errors, inefficiency, and risk from your Medicare processes, let us show you how we can help you simplify Medicare Advantage Management by creating a single source of truth for your benefits data.

What is eMedicareSync™?
eMedicareSync™ is industry’s first turn-key Medicare Advantage product/plan configuration (CMS PBP) and document generation solution (ANOC/EOC, SB) that improves accuracy, timeliness, and cuts effort/cost by up to 75%.

 Featured Speakers


Mohammed Vaid

CEO and Chief Architect


Mark Manning

Chief Growth Officer


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