AP2 - Advanced Value-Based Payment Reconciliation Solution

Automate value-based payment reconciliation.

AP2 enables Health Plans to:
  • Generate transparent and compliant FFV payments.
  • Administer pay4performance, shared risk, partial cap and full cap payment programs for various services and chronic conditions. 
  • Incorporate Incentive payments based on provider performance, PCMH care coordination fees, admin fees.
  • Create innovative chronic condition (such as diabetes) based payment programs.


AP2 improves FFV payment accuracy, transparency, compliance and timeliness. 

Automated Value Based Payment Reconciliation Solution


Advanced Payment Platform (AP2) is a value-based reconciliation platform that combines existing Analytics capability with a powerful Reimbursement Engine that complements existing claims based payments. 

FFV Payment Consolidation


AP2 lets you house all your non-bundled FFV payment programs in a single solution.

Meet Value Based Payments Reconciliation Compliance


Our robust audit and automated retroactive algorithms ensure compliance and transparency for healthplans and providers.


Why Advanced Payment Platform (AP2)?

AP2 improves the speed, accuracy, and compliance of FFV reimbursements

Retroactive Transactions

Accurate, on-time up to 100%


Increase speed-to-market up to 70%


Decrease errors up to 90%

Processing Time

Decrease processing time up to 80%

AP2 scores highest compliance rating in IDC’s Review.

2017 IDC Value based reimbursement Technology spotlight.

 VBR Impact and Requirement Compliance
  • Embedded or Parallel Reimbursement Logic
  • Benefit Plan Management, Rating/Pricing
  • Network Management
  • Ubiquitous Workflow/Use Analytics
  • Contract Management, Provider Relations
  • Provider and Customer Servicing
  • Benefit Plan Management, Rating/Pricing
  • Member 360/Appeals/Financial Traceability
  • Bundled Payment

Source: IDC Technology spotlight


Operationalize every phase of your FFV payment programs.

Easy Value Based Payment Configuration

Easy Value Based Payment Configuration



  • Simplify configuration of FFV programs on a business user configurable platform

  • Flexibly build ALL types of VBR/FFV programs:

    • Pay-for-Performance

    • Shared risk / savings

    • Partial cap

    • Full cap

    • Global payments

    • Incentive / PCMH / Care coordination

    • Bundled payment (integrates with existing tools)

  • Generate real time FFV transactions and support path breaking FFV programs

Collaboration across Value Based Reimbursements


  • Engage all stakeholders via integrated workflow vs. emails

  • Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors

Value Based Reconciliation Transparency and Communication


  • Transparently provide payment outcome information to providers, members and internal stake holders

  • Seamlessly integrate via ETL, Web API or Batch files to/from various sources:

    • Membership

    • Provider

    • Benefits

    • Claims

    • Analytics

    • Financial


What our customers say.


The Value based reimbursement system that was developed was not only functionally robust from an online perspective, but it also reduced batch processing windows from 18 – 24 hours to 4 – 6 hours. The amount of information that an end user could view ‘at-a-glance’ greatly enhanced productivity. The sophisticated drill-down features helped streamline the Plan’s operational activities. The Plan users were so satisfied with the system that they approved more funding to support the development of other payment initiatives within their portfolio. The system was able to efficiently adapt to the evolving needs of the customer.


We had exceptionally aggressive timelines to deliver and deploy a very complex payment reimbursement system. Simplify Healthcare was able to meet the deadlines, even as our customer continued to add requirements while we were in trial testing. Their team worked many nights and weekends to enable our Plan to go live on time.


Simplify Healthcare’s Advance Payment Platform (AP2) is a value-based reimbursement system. It combines the payer’s analytics capability with a powerful reimbursement engine that complements existing claims-based FFS payments. AP2 is a modular solution that can be implemented in a phased manner per payer readiness. It is suitable for all lines of business, including commercial and government programs.


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