Simplify Qualified Health Plan (QHP) benefit requirements.

  • Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Automatically generate the QHP and benefit template
  • Generate SBCs and SOBs from a single source of truth
  • Incrementally build benefit plans with inputs across teams using integrated workflow
  • Manage yearly updates efficiently without any hassle
  • Increase operational efficiency

*eACASync™ can be implemented within three months to automate the ACA book of business.


Market leading end-to-end single source of truth to manage and automate varied needs of Individual and Small Group ACA compliant benefit plans.

eBenefitSync | Highly configurable, modular and scalable solution

Streamline ACA Benefit plan build.

With pre-configured and autogenerated QHP Plan and Benefit template,  Summary of Benefits (SOBs) and Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBCs), Health Plans can focus on building the right products vs. ensuring that all the excel grids and word documents are consistent.

eBenefitSync | The only solution developed by health plan professionals

Eliminate errors, inefficiency, and risk.

Using manual and outdated processes such as spreadsheets, documents and emails to configure your plans create errors and reduce overall operational efficiency. Replace your error-prone legacy systems with highly configurable and modular software solutions.

eBenefitSync | House all your health plans in one solution

Get out-of-the box functionality.

eACASync™’s robust platform provides out-of-the box functionality and document generation capability.

With its intelligent decision support for product development and document generation teams, it increases overall operational efficiency up to 75%


Why eACASync™?

eACASync™ improves the speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of ACA compliant Qualified Health Plans (QHP) benefit requirements.

Pre-Configured Documents

Accurate, on-time up to 100%

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by up to 75%


Decrease errors up to 90%


Reduce / opitmize efforts up to 75%

An end-to-end solution for efficient, error-free ACA benefit plan management and document Generation.

eBenefitSync | Configure


  • Simplify configuration of QHP benefit requirements with intelligent decision support for product development and document generation teams

  • Comply with configurable guardrails for regulations, business policy via centralized business rules

  •  Flexibly capture ALL types of QHP benefit needs

eBenefitSync | Collaborate


  • Engage all stakeholders via integrated use-case specific workflows vs. emails

  • Incrementally build benefit plans with inputs across teams

  • Annotate and track changes for regulatory and business communication content from single source

  • Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors

eBenefitSync | Communicate


  • Automatically generate QHP Plan and benefit template

  • Generate all Qualified Health Plans (QHP) communications document materials from the single source – SBCs, SOBs.

  • Seamlessly manage CMS mandated changes without any last minute hassle


What our customers say.


I wish we had started with eACASync sooner.  We have been manually creating our QHP submissions and that is a huge effort, with several opportunities for data quality issues. That Simplify Healthcare has automated creation of the QHP requirements greatly reduces our efforts but more importantly reduces our risk of errors.


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