Simplify Benefit Plan Management.

  • Create a single source of truth for Benefit Plan Data.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Reduce admin costs.
  • Go to market faster.


Market leading end-to-end single source of truth benefit plan management solution.

 eBenefitSync | Highly configurable, modular and scalable solution

Highly configurable, modular and scalable solution.

Our market leading patent-pending SaaS solution for Benefit Plan Management that automates the end-to-end benefit product lifecycle. Creates single source of truth for benefits data and dynamically generates plan documents.

 eBenefitSync | The only solution developed by health plan professionals

The only solution developed by health plan professionals.

Unlike other cross industry BPM and PLM solutions, eBenefitSync is the only solution developed specifically for health plans and TPAs by health plan professionals. Its Modular Approach allows you to implement any or all modules in the order of your most critical pain points and priorities.

 eBenefitSync | House all your health plans in one solution

House all your health plans in one solution.

eBenefitSync enables you to house all health plans (all LOB and market segments) and non-health product information in a single source of truth solution.  This presents a significant strategic advantage to 'cross-serve' the groups, members, agents, brokers with products across all lines of business.


Why eBenefitSync?

eBenefitSync improves speed-to-market, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of benefit plan design.

Data Accuracy

Increase data accuracy and consistency up to 80%


Increase speed-to-market up to 70%

Data Reusability

Increase data reusability up to 95%

Claims Recoveries

Decrease cliam recoveries up to 70%


Decrease Benefit Maintenance Timeframes up to 60%

eBenefitSync named "Sole Leader" in IDC's MarketScape.

IDC MarketScape: U.S. Health Plan Product/Plan Benefit Configuration Solutions

2016 Vendor Assessment of U.S. Health Plan Product/Plan Benefit Configuration Solutions.


Source: IDC, 2016


An end-to-end solution for eliminating disparate legacy systems and error-prone processes.

 eBenefitSync | Configure


  • Simplify configuration of benefit plans with intelligent decision support for sales, product development and document generation teams
  • Comply with configurable guardrails for regulations, business policy via centralized business rules.

  • Flexibly capture ALL types of benefit plans:

    • Commercial and Government

    • Standard and Custom

    • Individual, Small Group and Large Group

    • Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, STD, LTD, Life etc.)

 eBenefitSync | Collaborate


  • Engage all stakeholders via integrated use-case specific workflows vs. emails
  • Incrementally build benefit plans with inputs across teams
  • Annotate and track changes for regulatory and business communication content from single source
  • Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors
 eBenefitSync | Communicate


  • Generate all benefit plan communications document materials from the single source – SBC, SoBs, ANOC, EOC, Contract, SPD, Amendment, Rider, QHP
  • Seamlessly integrate benefit plan information via ETL, Web API or Batch files to/from:
    • CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Siebel)
    • Core-Admin systems
    • CMS PBP for MA BIDs
    • Portals (Member, Provider, Customer Service, Broker, Agent)
    • Rating
    • Quoting
    • MDM
  • Support future AI / Machine learning initiatives via real time benefit explanation

Case Studies.

 eBenefitSync | Large Health Plan Consortium Case Study

Large Health Plan Consortium: 70% Faster to Market

eBenefitSync improved their speed to market by 70% and reduced data redundancy by 90%.

 eBenefitSync | Large TPA Case Study

Large TPA:  Automating Onboarding and Renewals

eBenefitSync improved their speed to market by 70% and reduced customer service quality by 70%.  

 eBenefitSync | Mid-size Health Plan Case Study

Mid-size Health Plan:  Integrating with Core Admin

eBenefitSync improved data reusability by 98% and speed to market by 50%.


What our customers say.


Simplify Healthcare development team was responsive, knowledgeable, and definitely seems to ‘get it’. I’ve used their benefit administration product for over 4 years, and each time a new release is rolled out I am impressed with their ability to understand our requirements and anticipate the functionality we need most.


Working on a few benefits product development and enhancement projects, I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Simplify Healthcare. I found the team very enterprising, innovative and committed, with the way they executed their responsibilities, overcame challenges, explored solutions and solved problems.


What I appreciate about Simplify Healthcare is that they anticipate what will be needed to complete the entire project end-to-end, which minimizes late project life cycle budget increases.


They help teams to do their jobs better and faster by dummy-proofing various aspects of the product build. eBenefitSync enables and encourages consistent product builds, but allows for group specific benefit requests.

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