Simplify Provider and Customer Contract Lifecycle Management.

Automate and streamline various aspects of a contract lifecycle with features such as: language repository for easy reuse, one change updates all relevant documents, manage critical data associated with contracts in an integrated language repository, available standardized language, and more.

  • Create a single source of truth for Contract data
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce admin costs
  • Load all contracts once and integrate this information across enterprise


Market leading end-to-end single source of truth to manage and automate various aspects of a contract lifecycle.

eBenefitSync | Highly configurable, modular and scalable solution

Streamline Contract Lifecycle Management.

Streamline contract lifecycle management by eliminating disparate legacy systems and error-prone processes. Automate customer contracts to better manage value-based payment reconciliation.

eBenefitSync | The only solution developed by health plan professionals

Eliminate errors, inefficiency, and risk.

Replace manual and outdated contract management processes with robust and comprehensive solution that automates the end-to-end needs of contract lifecycle management.

eBenefitSync | House all your health plans in one solution

Get out-of-the box functionality.

With eContractSync’s™, unique capabilities and functional offerings, it becomes super-easy to automate new Provider and Customer contracts (and renewals, amendments and other changes).


Why eContractSync™?

eContractSync™ improves the speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of Contract Lifecycle Management.

Contract Generation

Automate your contracts (new and changes) up to90%

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by up to 75%


Decrease your contract maintenance timeframes up to 60%


Decrease errors up to 90%

Admin Costs

Reduce admin costs up to 75%

Market leading end-to-end single source of truth to manage and automate various aspects of a contract lifecycle.

eBenefitSync | Configure


  • Simplify configuration of Provider and customer contracts with intelligent decision support for data, directory, network and relations teams

  • Comply with configurable guardrails for regulations, business policy via centralized business rules

  • Flexibly capture ALL types of providers and customer contracts:

  • Commercial and Government

  • Standard and Custom

  • Value-based purchasing

  • Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, STD, LTD, Life etc.)

eBenefitSync | Collaborate


  • Engage all stakeholders via integrated use-case specific workflows vs. emails

  • Incrementally build providers and contracts with inputs across teams

  • Annotate and track changes for regulatory and business communication content from single source

  • Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors

eBenefitSync | Communicate


  • Generate all communications document materials from the single source – provider/customer notifications, credentialing, authorizations, contracts

  • Seamlessly integrate contract information via ETL, Web API or Batch files to/from:

  • CRM

  • Core-Admin

  • Provider directory

  • Portals (Member, Provider, Customer Service, Broker, Agent)

  • Credentialing


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