Simplify Provider Data, Directory, and Contract Management.

  • Load provider data and contracts once and integrate this information across the enterprise.
  • Maintain data accuracy and resolve conflicts with our IntelliMatch capability.


Consolidate provider data and contracts into a single source of truth. 

eProviderSync | Automate the end-to-end provider lifecycle 

Automate end-to-end provider lifecycle.

eProviderSync is a patent-pending SaaS based provider and provider contract management solution.  It automates the end-to-end provider life cycle, so you can create a single source of truth for providers. 

eProviderSync | The only solution developed by health plan professionals.

The only solution developed by health plan professionals.

House all types of providers and extend the provider models to include the innovative affiliations demanded by Value Based Purchasing and Contracting.

eProviderSync | Improve Net Promoter / Customer Satisfaction scores

Improve Net Promoter / Customer Satisfaction scores.

eProviderSync’s ability to improve data accuracy ensures consistency of provider data and contracts across the health plan. This further improves the net promoter and customer satisfaction scores.


Why eProviderSync?

eProviderSync improves the speed, accuracy, compliance and cost-effectiveness of provider data and contracts.

Provider Onboarding

Improve quality and timelineness up to 70%

Provider Contracting

Automate your provider contracts (new and changes) up to 90%

Provider Directory

Improve quality and accuracy up to 75%

Data Reusability

Increase data reusability up to 95%

Claims Recoveries

Decrease claims recoveries up to 70%


Decrease provider data and contract maintainance timeframes up to 60%

An end-to-end solution for eliminating disparate legacy systems and error-prone processes.

eProviderSync | Configure


  • Simplify configuration of providers and provider contracts with intelligent decision support for provider data, directory, network and relations teams

  • Comply with configurable guardrails for regulations, business policy via centralized business rules

  • Flexibly capture ALL types of providers and contracts:

    • Commercial and Government

    • Standard and Custom

    • Value-based purchasing

    • Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, STD, LTD, Life etc.)

eProviderSync | Collaborate


  • Engage all stakeholders via integrated use-case specific workflows vs. emails

  • Incrementally build providers and contracts with inputs across teams

  • Annotate and track changes for regulatory and business communication content from single source

  • Robust audit trails enable compliance to regulatory agencies and external auditors

eProviderSync | Communicate


  • Generate all communications document materials from the single source – provider notifications, credentialing, authorizations, contracts

  • Seamlessly integrate provider and contract information via ETL, Web API or Batch files to/from:

    • CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Siebel)

    • Core-Admin

    • Provider directory

    • Portals (Member, Provider, Customer Service, Broker, Agent)

    • Credentialing (Cactus)

    • Authorization / Referrals

    • MDM (Master Data Management)

    • Modeling tools (Quest Analytics, Homegrown)


What our customers say.


We are excited to see a solution like eProviderSync in the market. It will help us streamline our legacy manual processes and improve accuracy and speed to market significantly.


In my opinion, eProviderSync is the only end to end solution that can help solve the Provider data and contracting challenge in the industry at the root cause. It creates a robust, configurable single source of truth and has a intelligent algorithm to the keep the data updated.


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